Line 4 - Metro de Caracas

Line 4 of Metro de Caracas started operations in 2006. This railroad is 5.5 km (3.11 mi) long and it has 5 stations from Capuchinos to Zona Rental in Plaza Venezuela. It runs on the West side of Caracas.

The advantage of this Line is that eases the traffic in Metro de Caracas' Line 1 from Capitolio to Plaza Venezuela. Therefore, it makes it easier for passengers coming from Las Adjuntas and Caricuao to arrive directly to Plaza Venezuela, bypassing Line 2 transfer at El Silencio. Likewise, passengers can transfer to Line 3 at Plaza Venezuela. This Line serves around 360,000 inhabitants, reaching a transit volume of 42,000 passengers per day.

From November 2003 until June 2006, Telematica working for SYSECA, S.A & THALES, completed the installation, testing and commissioning of several systems: closed circuit TV (CCTV); telecommunication devices (public address, radio communication system in tunnels and stations, PABX and emergency telephony and fiber optics network) and SCADA both in stations and in the Operations Control Center (CCO). We also completed the technical-administrative coordination for the train control and communications group for this project.