Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)

The ability of supervising your property and people will help prevent incidents and procure evidence. We design, supply and develop security systems to protect your patrimony.

Do you need a CCTV system? Telematica studies and design strategic locations for camera settings to be monitored in the surveillance control room.

We offer both analog and IP-based camera systems, expandable, for both indoors and outdoors purposes and with face recognition software.

We are certified in Bosch Video Management System (VRM+BVMS) which is an IP video security solution that allows video, audio and digital data management over any IP network. In addition, it has innovative intelligent video analytics and high technology recording that manages up to 2,000 cameras (including up to 500 ONVIF cameras) with a single server.

It is best not to cut down on security. You are looking for the innovative strategies and efficient solutions from the Telematica team.

Access control and intruder detection

If you want to prevent intruders from breaking in and trespassing restricted areas in businesses, stadiums, ministries, airports, among other locations, you need a security access control system. Our specialized staff is willing to offer the latest and most advanced devices. Our systems are built with software able to determine remotely, in real time, due access or possible breaching.

Telematica designs, installs and commissions access control and intruder detection systems according to your needs. We also advise you on the most effective solution in the area you might require.

We are certified by Bosch for Building Integration System (BIS), fire detection module, intrusion detection systems and integrated closed-circuit television.

This is a flexible building management system that can be configured and adapted to the requirements of each client. It has a wide range of applications and functions that allow the integration, control and monitoring of all the building's technical systems.

We also have had training by Bosch on intrusion panels, their new G series, access control module, integration, IP cameras, and fire and intrusion detection. This will allow you greater security and control in a single system.

Contact us and we will help you to keep intruders at bay.