Telematica creates modern infrastructures in lifting systems. One of today's challenges is creating innovative, efficient and smart ambiances. Our international products, such as heavy-duty mechanic escalators and high-tech top-design modern elevators, will set you apart from your competitors.

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A well-lit facility, business or residence is key to make a good impression on your customers and visitors. Telematica offers you attractive, reliable, modern, high-tech lighting systems. We have systems adapted to your needs, for residential, industrial and commercial use, both with fluorescent and LED technology.

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Auxiliary power system

Factories, hospitals, airports, subways and residence buildings have heavy people traffic, having safe and fast responses to possible blackouts or energy peaks is necessary in those spaces.

Telematica offers main and distribution switchboards for low and mid-tension electricity, as well as uninterrupted power systems (UPS), and power generators.

Allowing blackout affect your company's service quality gives your customers a bad impression. We are committed to prevent these issues to affect your image.

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Air Conditioning

Installing and maintaining an air conditioning system can be seen as a simple task, but creating comfortable spaces, adapted to the client's needs, requires specialists on the subject. We elaborate and integrate air conditioning projects for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.

Our state-of-the-art devices fulfill the requirement of our clients. Telematica collects the project data to make the best decisions for your work.

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Fire detection and prevention systems

Part of the safety and comfort of individuals in buildings relies on having proper tools for emergency evacuation and fire mitigation. We at Telematica are committed to prevent such events. It is our responsibility to bring innovative solutions that prevent harming individuals or damaging building structures.

We advise, install and give maintenance to fire prevention systems. Our goal is to maintain safety standards. We supply the best fire detection and prevention, extinguishing and fire-fighting devices. Our products are built with different technologies to detect smoke, fire, temperature, gas leaking and explosive or toxic mixes; for fighting it we use water-based systems, gas, foam and systems for special risks.

We are certified by Bosch in fire alarm systems, functional modules such as the FPA 5000 Central Unit, which can be connected to Building Management Systems (BIS) and voice alarm systems. It is also able establish interconnection of up to 32 switchboards, remote keyboards and OPC servers.

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