Optical fiber

If you are looking to have or improve a faster and safer communication network, without interference and with a broader band for data transmission, videos and voice networks, fiber optics is your solution.

At Telematica we count with over 20 years of experience in supplying and installing communication systems via fiber optics. We offer the advisory of our specialized staff for both the study and design of this data transmission network. We have cutting-edge tools to diagnose any problem in new and/or existing installations.

We plan, install and maintain fiber optics connection infrastructures of any size or application. We perform fiber optics fusions for, LAN and SAN networks, as well as reflectometry and optical power tests. We provide this service in buildings, commercial areas, outdoors and tunnels.

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Do you need management tools to improve and automate telephone calls?

At Telematica we offer telephone switchboards and communication solutions for your company that will enable calls management, administration and control; through a single system that makes quality customer service easier.

We provide and install personalized and user-friendly systems that are effective communication tools.

We make available telephone switchboards that guarantee immediacy, efficacy and clarity for your network. We work with PABX, IP, direct and emergency technologies. These telephone switchboards and communication systems are suitable for mid-size and large companies.

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Structured wiring

A solid communications infrastructure ensures proper functioning of all informatics/data network of all systems and results prime performance operations.

At Telematica we offer you hardware design, supply and installation for a single communication structure that unifies data, voice and video services in a centralized management. This way, we simplify communication infrastructure to optimize and adjust the space use.

We make structured wiring for LAN/WAN networks with copper and optical fiber wiring, as well as Wi-Fi based LAN networks.

This service is available for all kinds of buildings, for both public and private companies. Our staff is qualified to design the most suitable solutions for each individual network infrastructure: to serve factories, commercial buildings, clubs, etc.

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Radio communication system

We have the technology your company needs to optimize your radio communications. We offer a reliable communication system, designed by international standards, with flexible platforms for any purpose.

We design, supply, install, commission and give maintenance to radio devices, with flexible features for different types of operations in radio based communications. We install UHF band radio communication platforms in buildings, tunnels and outdoors; for urban, social or industrial projects.

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SCADA Systems (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)

Do you need control tools to measure production and quality levels? A SCADA system, a supervisory control and data acquisition might be of use.

A SCADA system consists of a computerized digital platform that allows you to remotely supervise and control facilities, processes or systems of different kinds. It performs automated control tasks at any level of detail, though, its main purpose is control and supervision in any company or facility.

At Telematica we are specialize in building operation centers or control rooms fitted with SCADA systems that best suit your needs. Our staff is fully qualified to install software and hardware in your computers.

These systems can be implemented in large-scale projects, as well as mid-size and small businesses in sectors such as manufacture, agriculture/food processing, oil, and transportation (land, maritime or air).

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Interactive visual-information systems

If your business wants to go one step beyond, by providing interactive information to mass transit system users (such as underground, trains or buses), combined with multimedia entertainment content and advertising; we offer screen systems to meet your needs

Through our systems, users can receive real-time data on waiting times, arrival times, and elevator/escalator statuses on a given station; and use tools such as proximity maps and trip planners. At the same time, the screens are able to play institutional, entertainment or advertising audiovisual content.

Our solutions can be adapted to meet your needs. Contact us and we will present you with the ideal system for you.

Public address (PA) systems and Passenger Information Systems (PIS).

If you want to improve your company's service quality and project a positive image to your customers, at Telematica we have the solution for you. We have modern public service announcement devices that will allow you to inform users about real time activities/events and also to promote products and services.

We supply, install and give maintenance to cutting-edge public service announcement devices. We conduct acoustic studies to determine the optimal amount and location of loudspeakers depending on the site architecture, whether at airports, passenger terminals, shopping/entertainment centers, banks, private or public businesses.

Among others, we offer Smart TV screens, monitors, LCD TV sets, speakers, etc. They all fulfill their purpose: clear sound amplification, without interference, and display clear images.

We offer systems that allow your company to achieve your audiovisual communication goals, so you improve your service quality. You'll be able to broadcast any kind of content: videos, text, news, animations, etc. as well as getting revenues via advertising.

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